The huge potential of the German-speaking travel market

Germany’s consistently strong economy and Switzerland’s established wealth have given German-speaking tourists a serious case of wanderlust. Investing in this area could really set you apart from your competitors.

Germans spent €31 billion on international travel in 2013 alone – over two thirds of all travel – and the average Austrian holidaymaker clocks up 3.5 flights per year. Switzerland, for its part, is traditionally an acutely environmentally conscious country, with considerable purchasing power in the sustainable travel sector.

And the internet is an increasingly important part of the international travel market as a whole. Nearly 15% of bookings in Germany are now made online, with that figure rising to 53% in Switzerland. Given that 9 out of 10 European internet users prefer to browse in their native language, translation is a must to unlock foreign markets.

So the numbers stack up, but do you really need specialist translation?

Put yourself in the consumer’s position.

Would you book a luxury cruise based on a clunky, stilted-sounding flyer? What about a premium glossy brochure with inspiring images and stylish, snappy text?

A first-class customer base deserves your investment in five-star translations.

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