English to German translation and language services for travel, aviation and migration

I am sure your hotel or holiday booking website is already very popular with your current customers, but it can only succeed in a new market with the right strategy – and that means effective, targeted communications.

Translation and related services such as editing and voiceovers are an investment in your target market, which, if done right, pay dividends and secure an entire new customer base.

With many years’ experience in your field and carefully cultivated translation skills, connecting cultures is second nature to me.

What can I help you with?


English to German – websites, brochures, press releases, magazines, certificates and more.


I can provide the German voice for your safety messages, customer messages or announcements.


If you have video or audio files for your new audience, I can transcribe and translate the content, from passenger messages to advertising.


This term refers to creative translation, which can sometimes require adaptation to make an appropriate impact on the target audience. This is where my knowledge of different cultures and customs is vital.


Content already in German can also need polishing up to reach its full potential. From a final read-through for typos to structural and stylistic advice, I always strive for top quality.

Travel writing

I can also rewrite your German tourism text to modern standards – in fresh and vivid words, with no clichés, but lots of authentic details.

At Miles for Words, I have a proactive approach to translation: I anticipate my clients’ needs so you can do the same for yours. I ensure that your marketing materials, website copy or corporate communications are written in flawless, idiomatic German, so your clients will keep coming back for more.

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