Bicultural translator with in-depth experience of travel, aviation and migration

I’m Martina, an English to German translator with a passion for travel, internationality and making traditional and up-and-coming destinations more accessible to the German-speaking world.

My experience of cultures worldwide and extensive background in the travel and aviation industries put me in a unique position to ensure your message makes the biggest possible impact.

That’s not all. My location-independent work enables me to continue travelling, learning and developing my cultural knowledge.

Bali Indonesia, Hotel Amandari, Ubud.

Here’s my career timeline:

  • Began at the check-in desk of Düsseldorf airport in 1993

  • Nearly five years as a Lufthansa flight attendant on European and intercontinental routes

  • Diploma in English, French and Spanish business correspondence and translations

  • International Tourism Assistant diploma

  • Multilingual secretary in the export department of an injection moulding machines manufacturer

  • Moved to Australia in 2004

  • Managed a holiday home in Perth for holidaymakers and migrants for seven years

  • Returned to the check-in desk in 2010 – this time in sunny Perth

  • Started MA in Translation Studies at the University of Portsmouth, UK in 2013, obtained MA degree in 2017

  • Australian NAATI translator accreditation in 2015

So what does all this mean for you?

Fine-tuned translation skills, in-depth knowledge of your industry and familiarity with both German and English-speaking cultures.

In short, I have travelled the world to bring you the best in English to German translations.

Upgrade your words with premium English to German translation services provided by an industry specialist, with insider knowledge of the travel, aviation and migration sectors.

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